Education and Training Department 

This department provides training for schools, parent groups, juvenile justice personnel, chemical dependency counselors and others working with youth.
Some of the Training’s we offer include:
  • Identification
  • Intervention
  • The Chemically Dependent Family
  • Peer Counseling
  • Cocaine
  • Designer Drugs
  • Contracting with the chemically dependent person
  • Testing Programs

Community Education Workshops

These workshops are offered at each of the ASAP locations to provide a place for concerned persons to learn about various aspects of chemical problems. Families as well as those working with youth may be interested.

Drug Screening (Urinalysis Testing)

Drug Screens are provided at the ASAP out-patient centers as well as at the hospitals. Families will be charged only our costs to process the test. To make arrangements for testing please call 1-800-FOR ASAP, you will be connected to the location nearest you.

Assessment/Evaluation Interviews

Confidential assessments and evaluations are done at both our in-patient and out-patient facilities. Families questioning whether chemical use is the problem, or deciding on appropriate types of treatment for the chemically dependent person should call to set up an interview. Drug screening test and referral are included in the assessment.


This service provides a way to break through the denial of the chemically dependent person and their family. Often families are unable to recognize a substance abuse problem until a crisis hits. Families that recognize the problem often feel helpless about how to get the chemically dependent person to seek help. Intervention is a process that helps the chemically dependent person and family to receive the help they need.

In-Patient Treatment Facilities

ASAP offers in-residence treatment for chemically dependent adolescents and adults, which emphasize treatment of the entire family. In-residence program provides secure drug fee environment which includes family, group and individual therapy as well as peer counseling and integration into 12 step self help programs. For Information on any of these programs call 1-800 FOR-ASAP.